Obama speech draws emergency tar sands protest as victory over Keystone XL nears

On the evening of November 9, President Obama spoke at the Connecticut Ave Hilton to the Women’s National Lawyer’s Center. Outside, opponents of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline held an emergency protest to remind the President that he needs to finish off the Keystone XL pipeline once and for all with a flat refusal of the permits.

Video-protesters outside the Hilton chant “Stop the Pipeline yes you can!”

It was announced the next day that Obama has sent the Keystone XL project back to the Dept of State for a “re-review” of the pipeline, it’s routing, and environmental impact to include global climate change. There was talk of this by Wednesday night’s protest, but it appeared in Thursday’s mainstream papers and email stories confirming this did not appear until the evening of November 10. Bill McKibbons has declared victory, saying that “most analysts” believe this will kill the project outright.

There are those, however, who fear another meaning of this delay, as expressed in Wednesday night’s protest: that Obama is trying to put off the decision until after the election. Although no construction can now take place for the next year, this means that if the State Department review fails to kill the Keystone XL project all the way, Obama will have re-election imopunity, having either won or lost the 2012 election prior to making this decision. Even worse, a slightly longer delay of a year and a quarter could even let a Republican make this decision if Obama loses and does not make a decision at that time to stop the review and kill the project.

Any way you cut it,though, the Keystone XL pipeline is in serious trouble. Hopefuly this is the end of it, but I would NOT advise ending the campaign, because as I saw with the Inter-County Connector, these kinds of projects do have the habit of rising from the grave. The President needs to kill the Keystone XL all the way dead and drive a stake through it’s heart before this one can be called over.

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