Tarmageddon: Anonymous, WSQT pirate radio providing “air support” for Tar Sands protests

I would NOT want to be in charge of computer security for the corporate scum pushing the Keystone XL pipeline right now!

This means three separate forms of civil disobedience are now taking place against the Keystone XL pipeline: The sit-ins at the White House, the cyber-resistance by Anonymous, and the pirate radio broadcasts by WSQT Radio on 90.5 FM concerning the subject. This over-the-air broadcast coverage is also a form of “air support” for the tar sands protests!

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1 Response to Tarmageddon: Anonymous, WSQT pirate radio providing “air support” for Tar Sands protests

  1. Clark Hatfield says:

    So if the corporations choose not to be responsible members of the worlds community, how could we go Quaker style and just shun them out of our town squares. They still have limited power to require us to prescribe to their “services”. They have energy, some Water (keep up the good work keeping water under the co-ops), transportation, education, and law enforcement. We still can be localvores, and keep questioning the corporations on the laws they intend to pass with their bought and paid for corporate representatives. If information can flow to the ears that seek truth and accountability, the users of mankind’s efforts cannot survive the light of day.

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