GOP Budget bill torn up, teabag burned at Capitol Hill debt ceiling protest

On July 28, unions and even Democratic members of Congress spoke out at a Capitol Hill rally opposing GOP plans for force a massive austerity program down everyone’s throat in the place of taxing the rich.

Video highlights including both the bill being torn up and the teabag burning

Speaker after speaker denounced the bill as turning the “American Dream” into a nightmare. One went so far as to effectively call for a sixfold increase in corporate taxes, pointing out that in the 1969s corporate taxes were 6% of GDP, now they are one percent. The same speaker pointed out that all recent US budget deficits come from the Bush tax cuts, the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, and for the last three years the Great Recession.

One of the speakers denounced the Boehner debt ceiling bill for causing the stock market to drop 200 points, condemned the social service cuts inside-and then proceeded to tear up the bill. You can barely see this in the video, the crowd is so packed, but you can really hear that paper tear as the microphone picked it up.

It wasn’t enough to show up and shoot video of someone else taking action against the Tea Party, it was time to take action myself. Therefore, I burned a teabag in front of my own camera and other cameras as a personal position statement opposing the GOP/Tea Party austerity program-a program the likes of which I would expect from someone like the IMF.

Hopefully, by the time this is over the next thing to go will be the entire Tea Party political program-slow to light at first, then bursting into flames and vanishing into nothingness just like my teabag did! Let’s just hope we don’t have to burn our hands on bouncing Social Security checks and shuttered hospitals to get there.

Already the Washington Post is starting to compare the US to Greece. If they really do decide to pay the bankers ahead of Social Security recipients, doctors seeing Medicaid/Medicare, and even their own soldiers, another question will come up-are US protesters prepared to step things up like protesters in Greece?

There should be NO COMPROMISE with the Tea Party, NO COMPROMISE with austerity programs anywhere, NO COMPROMISE with the IMF when they push this shit! Otherwise the streets need to fill with protesters who take no prisoners and fight like the youth of Greece or Egypt to shut down business as usual until the businessmen say “ENOUGH!”


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