DC Statehood advocates unveil DC flag tattoos for Flag Day

On June 14, flag day, DC Statehood activists gathering in Dupont Circle unveiled a surprise: DC flag tattoos.

Video: DC Shadow Senator, others show off tattoos and speak out

Speakers, including both Eleanor-Holmes Norton (whose partial vote the GOP revoked) and one of DC’s Shadow Senators (not recognized by the US Senate but recognized here for getting a DC flag tattoo!) warned that the GOP will probably be introducing new DC social policy budget riders as soon as Thursday, the 16th of June.

The US has a long and sordid history of denying voting rights, the DC non-representation scandal being only the latest incarnation. In fact, one of the speakers pointed out that of all the nations on Earth that claim to be democracies, only the US excluded citizens of it’s own capital city from voting or having representation on national issues. Perhaps the current GOP opposition to DC voting rights is driven at least in part by race, as other voting rights violations have been?

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