Another video of the Powershift and Reclaim Power actions

From another participant in both actions.

Note: Youtube added overlay advertising to the video because of their copythug scanner finding the song. That’s why we don’t use Youtube for DC Direct Action news-TV videos. If you download the video and play it you can watch it without the overlay advertising, which is a separate file played simultaniously by the flashplayer.

The video will refuse to play on this site as an embedded video due to “Screwtube’s” copythug restrictions, can only be played directly on Youtube, presumably this site blocks some of their ads(you should also be blocking ads). Suggest boycotting EMI Publishing music if they want to behave like this-pirate it, fileshare it, NEVER buy it. The publishers take all the money from the artists anyway…

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1 Response to Another video of the Powershift and Reclaim Power actions

  1. In the future, to help preserve all those videos which may be in danger of being blocked or “scrubbed”, I suggest using ClipNabber, at Paste the YouTube URL into the top field, and the source code of the YouTube page (use “view source” in your browser) into the large bottom field, hit “Nab”, wait a bit, et voila! You’ll have a choice of two links to download the video as either an .flv (flash) file or a standard .mp4 (my fave).

    This is, of course, if you’re that hell-bent on watching a bunch of teenage Democratic Party astroturfers parading around in toy construction helmets like some kind of goddamn’ cult. Powershift? Yeah, there’s a power shift happening — from the People to the Democratic Party.

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