Climate Activists Storm Dept of the Interior

On April 18, climate activists under the name of Reclaim Power stormed the DC headquarters of the Department of the Interior, protesting leases of pubic land to corporations for oil, gas, and coal mining.

Video:Climate activists storm the Department of the Interior

Photo: Inside the Department of the Interior

Well over 100 activists rushed the front doors and stormed into the lobbby, which filled with protesters until no more would fit inside! The usual three warnings from police included a chilling threat of FELONY CHARGES for “trespassing” and “Unlawful Entry” to be Federaly prosecuted.

Twenty people stayed anyway and were arrested, unknown if the felony charges were actually filed. Of course, the Department of the Interior has a prior record of charging activsts with felonies, most notoriously in the case of a man who bid on oil and gas leases to keep them off the market

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