Wal-Mart vs Dukes: Women rally, original plaintiff speaks at Supreme Court

On March 29, the US Supeme Court heard arguments in the landmark Wal-Mart vs Dukes class action sex discrimination case. Women and other supporters of the case rallied outside while Wal-Mart tried to convince the Court to overturn certification of the case as a class action inside.

Video-protesters rally, Betty Dukes speaks

If the Supreme Court rules against Wal-Mart, millions of sex discrimination complaints against Wal-mart will be consolidated into the largest class-action lawsuit in US history. This would probably force Wal-Mart to pay out the largest class-action SETTLEMENT in US history, one that would make the Becker and Pershing Park settlements look like parking tickets.

This is most unwelcome news for Wal-Mart as they try to sink their hooks into New York and DC. DC activists opposing Wal-Mart stores proposed for Wards 4,5,6, and 7 showed up, making their point heard that Wal-Mart is not welcome in DC.

When arguments ended, attorneys for both sides spoke to the press-Wal-Marts attorneys finding themselves drowned out by protest chants. The cants fell silent, however,as first lawyers opposing Wal-mart, followed by original plaintiff Betty Dukes also spoke to the press.

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