HLS home demo assaulted by neighbor, detained by cops

At about 8:30 PM on October 30, animal rights activists showed up in the alley outside the home of Goldman-Sachs executive Michael Paese, 1632-B 19th st NW-and promptly ran into violence.

Audio-a phone call for an update interrupted by the violent assault on one of the protesters

A neighbor drove a car into the alley honking his horn and assaulted one protester while cops looked on-and then the cops proceeded to detain the protesters instead of the neigbbor who was guilty of assault.

Hventually, a Sgt Tolliver told protesters they were not detained-but could only protest until 9PM, about five minutes later. At that point, protesters simply started talking to passers-by and other neighbors drawn by the commotion about how Goldman-Sachs owns stock in Fortress, the Investment firm that is the reason puppy-killing Huntingdon Life Sciences is still in business.

About two hours later, another activist dropped by Michael Paese’s place for a quick “hit-and-run” noisy wake-up call, then disappearing into heavy Halloween weekend traffic before anyone could respond.

Of course, this is just a warm-up for the Halloween actions against DC area HLS customers-the ones Mary Cheh and the Washington Examiner are already calling animal rights activists “terrorists” for…

EXTRA-This may be Michael Paese himself, responding to the appearance of protesters…

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