HLS Shac Solidarity demos: Guns at Goldman-Sachs, Bayer/Astra-Zenica stormed

Oct 21 was the start of the global days of action in solidarity with the SHAC defendants in the UK. In DC, like many cites, protesters showed up at Huntingdon Life Sciences customers, funders, and others whose business dealings keep HLS torturing animals. Perhaps the strongest part of the DC protests was the storming of the lobbying offices of Bayer and Astra-Zenica, coming by surprise as the siege of Fortress (and its investors like Goldman-Sachs) has kept activists busy elsewhere until now.

In DC, HLS protesters deployed first to the offices of Goldman-Sachs,101 Constitution Ave NW, a major stockholder of Fortress Inc. Once again, US Capitol Police with shotguns and automatic rifles showed up, but this time they only watched from across the street after one o them entered Goldman-Sachs to discuss something. Protesters stayed put for about an hour, and the US Capitol Police, perhaps embarassed by last week’s gunplay, did nothing to interfere.

(Note on police response: At the later protests, the DC cops did not interfere either, though cop cars drove by and an undercover parked behind a tree at the British Embassy protest.)

Next, protesters deployed to Nomura, spending about a half hour outside while a building manager whined about the bullhorns. Maybe he’d be better off complaining to Nomura, which is now the largest stockholder in Fortress Inc with 30% of their shares! Fortress saved puppy-killing Huntingdon Life Sciences(HLS) from bankruptcy with $100 million in loans. Therefore, about 500 animals are still being killed every day at HLS testing shit like bleach and Splenda.

Having finished the day’s “Siege of Fortress” targets, protesters moved on to the 701 Penn Ave offices of Bayer and Astra-Zenica, which were caught off guard as they have not received protests in a while. The entire protest, signs, banners, and all got inside the building,blowing air horns and chanting through bullhorns.

A quick follow-up protest was held at the offices of Sanofi-Aventis, at 801 Penn Ave, part of the same compound but adjoining 9th st instead of 7th st.

Finally, protesters went to the British Embassy, demanding that the SHAC defendants facing sentencing in the UK for protesting HLS investors/suppliers, be released without punishment for exercising their right to speak out against animal torture.


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