Reportback on protest of monkey vivisection at NIH

On Oct 19, as part of National Primate Liberation Week, protesters showed up at NIH on the Old Georgetown Road entrance, demanding that NIH cease and desist the use of primates other than human volunteers in medical research.

According to industry statistics, the use of monkeys and chimpanzees for “research” has actually INCREASED in the past year! Given that AIDS has been cured at least six times in chimps without these cures ever working in humans, it seems that this obsolete form of research is a failure. Yet, NIH continues spending taxpayer money on a practice that horrifies many taxpayers, inflicts unbelievable suffering on monkeys and chimps, and may even represent a net loss for heath care as researchers keep chasing after ghost cures that work ONLY in some animal other than ourselves.

During the protest, the owner of a business across the street complained that the protest “disturbed his customers” and demanded that protesters move all the way to the Wisconsin Ave side of NIH. When protesters refused, he called the cops, who took a report, demanded that protesters march in a circle-and left when protesters refused this demand as well. I could not tell what this guy was selling, but it looked like firewood is at least one of his products based on some logs stacked in the lot.

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