One DC Pulls out of Tent City, homeless are holding out on Parcel 42

On August 29, One DC pulled entirely out of the Parcel 42 tent city, literally pulling up their tents and moving on. The homeless who actually sleep there, however, are staying, despite the withdrawal of support by One DC from this now 7 week long land occupation.

Two tents remain standing, both occupied by homeless people every night. The Pavilion is also still in use.

Video featuring interview with Eric Sheptock

There will still be film showings and a few other social events there, run by Take Back the Land DC, but One DC’s supply tent and other resources have been withdrawn.

Now, the real question is this: Will Mayor Fenty, the police and DC agencies respect the promise of 14 days notice prior to any eviction they made to One DC, or are the homeless to be treated differently (presumably worse) than NGO activists?

If Fenty’s promise of 14 days notice goes the way of his promise to keep Franklin Shelter open, it will be up to the activist community and the voting public to hold him accountable!

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1 Response to One DC Pulls out of Tent City, homeless are holding out on Parcel 42

  1. I find it dissapointing but not surprising that ONE DC is continuing to do what I perceive as undermine the very same action that it helped to begin. ONE DC was not however the sole participant in this event at any tme even though different members of the group have made unilateral decisions on behalf of the group of current residence even though ONE DC officially pulled out of the action a mere 5 days into what has become a 7 week occupation.

    I think it is of the utmost importance not to simply characterize the current residence of tent city as ” homeless”. These so called homeless have also proven themselves to be true blue activists. Activists with a level of dedication and committment that rivals that of many “career activists” in the nations capitol. The current residence of Tent City DC should be repected,as residents first, then as activists, and finally ( if applicable) as homeless. Pigeon-holing and stereotyping this group is exactly the kind of thinking that has allowed ONE DC to be so disrespectful to those they may consider only “homeless” and not even recognize as fellow activists. If there is a question as to who the real activists are, my doubt rests entirely with the members of ONE DC and not at all with those who are living out there beliefs everyday by continuing to hold ground that the other so-called activists would or could not. I hope these folks get some real support from the community, starting with some new tents.

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