Teabagger gets punched for trying to smash camera

On August 28, a small counterprotest went toe-to-toe with teabaggers attending the Glen Beck/Sarah Palin rally befouling the anniversary of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

At this contact-range counterprotest against Glenn Beck et all, the woman below punched an activist’s camera, trying to smash it. She earned a punch in return.

Video of the confrontation

One of the teabaggers trued to smash my camera, earning a fist-to-fist punch in return. One of her friends tried to call the cops while I rode away laughing-straight to the 20,000 strong Al Sharpton “Reclaim the Dream” counterprotest. Too bad that wasn’t Sarah Palin herself!

The small counterprotest was an in-your-face to the incoming teabaggers, with some of the signs apparently being from the Progressive Labor Party and even some red flags. All but one of the visible people of color were in this counterprotest. At the very corner of 23 and Constitution Ave, a more general crowd was heckling the teabaggers, with signs like “Dump the Tea Party.”. It was here that one of the teabaggers decided to assault me, forcing me to defend myself and my equipment.

The huge “Reclaim the Dream” counterprotest, by comarison, was quite laid back-and some of the teabaggers whose politics apparently do not incklude the racist venom preached on FOX by Glen Beck and others walked right through without drawing fire. Those who chose to start trouble were quickly surrounded by arm-locked marshals and removed without further incident. The whole “Reclaim the Dream” march, about 20,000 strong by one early estimate I received, had a lot of the feel of a family reunion.

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