Fake call for “Anarchist’s march to stop Glenn Beck” probably posted by cops

Just before the August 28 counterprotests against Glen Beck’s racist rally, someone posted a call for an “Anarchists March to stop Glen Beck” under the name of a local activist. This call is was under the name of a local activist-who turned out NOT to have posted it. As it was posted falsely under the name of a well-known activist and was thus a confirmed spoof, it should be presumed to originate with law enforcement, unless proven otherwise.

There were NO reports of anarchist actions originating an hour early from 17th and Constitution Ave, as per that call.
Instead, activsts fanned out, some entering the teabaggers to confront them, others setting up small rallies of their own in a number of areas.


There is the serious possiblity that the Park Police, the FBI, or the Joint Terrorism Task Force was behind this call. It has been removed from DC Indymedia, but when I posted this their server was down, not coming back up until the evening that day. Convenient, huh?

Conversations with the person in question have confirmed that neither that person nor any other known activist in the DC area posted this call, so it should be treated as a confirmed “COINTELPRO” fake call posted by police seeking to put people at risk of arrest or violence.

Such fake calls are commonly posted by pigs to media activist sites offering open news posting, always before major mobilizations. For a while, these were crude calls under the name of “Luke” containing also innuendo against that activist.

This call was more sophisticated, but has been disclaimed, used a gathering point previously used by a confirmed pig fake post (17th and Constitution Ave) and was set for an hour too early to maximize the amount of time people would be at risk for Enemy attack.

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