Protest at Ringlings GMU performance

On March 26, animal rights activists pursued Ringling Brother’s sweatshop of a circus to their performance at George Mason university.

WSQT Radio coverage

We didn’t get any of the unlawful arrests of blantant threats of prior years, though cops did demand that protesters set up behind barred barricades(like the animals themselves). One person was harassed but refused to back down for giving out fliers on the sidewalk outside the barricaded “protest pit.”

While George Mason cops restricted their aggression to ordering protesters behind barricade bars, protest at GMU three years ago were been met with unversity discipline proceedings against participating students. The following year, one protesgter was arreated and felony charges were filed when protesters masked up to protect from that sort of retaliation. Only when undercover FBI/JTTF agent Vincent Antignano was himself unmasked in court and online did this aggression stop.


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