Half a million march for Immigrant rights: Nazis, teabaggers confronted

The March 21 immigration rights march filled the Mall area around 7th st to overflowing, with contingents marching on the Capitol to counter the teabaggers, among other things. Around 5:30PM, I heard an unconfirmed report that FOX News had estimated 500,000 participants.

Earlier, about 5 suit-and-tie Nazis (Roy Beck included) showed up around 7th st to give racist speeches before their own cameras. My own demands that they “get back on the Mayflower” if they didn’t like immigration draw raucous cheers from about 50 people surrounding the Nazis

Finally, a contingent streamed into the streets and marched up Capitol Hill to confront the teabaggers. They were not aggressive in doing so, but the chant of “Si se Puede” of course transalates into “Yes we Can,”Obama’s own slogan, which is a pointed rebuke to the teabaggers.

As you can see, one of the flags the teabaggers flew was based on the racist Confederate flag, which has long been popular with the KKK.

Things were even less genteel inside the Capitol, where racist and homophobic tea partiers screamed insults at nonwhite and non-straight members of Congress, embarassing the GOP that the skeletons in their closets were being out on display for all to see.

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