Funk the War paint bombs military recruiter, sets banner on Treasury ledge

On March 19th, the 7th anniversary of the start of the Iraq War, Funk the War scored a direct hit on the military recruiter at 14th and L sts with a paint projectile, and two activists climbed to the second floor ledge of the US Treasury building and held a banner.

Audio coverage courtesy of WSQT Direct Action Radio

. There were a total of two six arrests, 1 at the recruiting center, , two more when security at the Treasury grabbed those they allege were holding the banner.The last three were for nothing more than STEPPING INTO THE STREET-possibly by accident or while trying to leave!

One was detained(one of the arrestees?) for no more than trying to rejoin the crowd after leaving-even though no police line forbade entry! Police were present, lines or not, around the entire protest, and this arrest or detention comes dangerously close to violating the laws that were passed and court orders that followed the mass arrests in the 2000 IMF and 2002 Pershing Park mass arrest incidents.

One person then reminded Capt Harold that he was in line for $18,000 from that IMF mass arreat in 2000-and did the cops want to go for $36,000?

In addition to the arrests, cops grabbed and threw people in the process of clearing people from the sidewalk in front of the recruiter and then from L st. This included people with bicycles, recklessly risking breaking people’s legs.

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