Mayor Fenty evicts homeless from 1401 NY Ave to retaliate for testimony

Here is what homeless activist Eric Sheptock has published on this outrageous political retaliation:

“About 20 homeless people used to sleep under the overhang of the large building at 1401 NY Ave, NW. In the past, the cops tried to remove them; but, the building manager (or owner) came out and said that he had no problem with the homeless being there, so long as they cleaned up behind themselves.

After several homeless people testified on February 17th in front of Tommy Wells, word came down from the mayor to the building manager to remove the homeless (whom he, the manager, had been friendly toward in the past). Mayor Fenty has taken what might amount to a retaliatory action against the homeless. DC has no anti-loitering ordinance and there are not any “No trespassing” signs in the area.

Most of those who slept at that spot also eat at Miriam’s Kitchen @ 24th and G streets, NW. The man in the “TO” field of this message is the one who told me about it on Sunday morning. I confirmed it on Sunday evening by going to the spot, finding that all but 3 people had relocated and hearing the same story from a homeless woman who I know. ”

This is similar to what former mayor Tony “the rat” Williams once did to the Olive Branch community: He had to drop charges for a sit-in in his office due to a subpeona of an appointment book he was hiding form a grand jury. in response he sent housing inspectors, cops, and members of his staff to the Olive Branch and ordered the landlord to either evict everyone or face $500 a day in fines. Now we are seeing the same shit from Mayor “slippery eel” Fenty-the mayor who shakes your hand and stabs you in the back.

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