More fur and HLS demos

On Saturday, December 12, DC animal activists carried out a long day of actions. First one group fliered in the Neiman-Marcus “Furrier’s row” are. Next, militant animal rights activists showed up outside Gartenhaus in the middle of their fur sale, followed by a visit to Miller’s Furs. Finally, Jennifer Luray, now working for a “nonprofit” that fronts for 3 HLS customers, got a home demo.

(photo of Miller’s Furs demo)

Gartenhaus Furs is having a three day sale on fur, so animal rights activsts showed up to name and shame both the fur store-and it’s customers.

Later on, when activists stopped by Miller’s furs, cops at there claimed that pointing a customers and calling them out over the bullhorn was sufficient to violate a law that prohibits singling out someone to impede their path or threaten them with harm. The cop would NOT let me read copy the claimed statute, but it sounds like an “aggressive panhandling” type statute, being used far out of context to harass animal rights activists. Thankfully, that was as far as police problems went on the Dec 12 fur and HLS protests.

About two hours later, protesters reassembled for a protest at the home of Jennifer Luray, whose neighbors claim she no longer works for HLS customer Abbot Labs. Indeed, Jennifer Luray is now Vice President of the “Campaign for Public heath Foundation,” which is funded by her former employer Abbot Labs, Battelle, Glaxo-Smithkline and the March of Dimes. This “Nonprofit,” whose funders include three of Huntingdon Life Sciences’ biggest customers plus the pro-vivisection march of Dimes, lobbies aggresively for HLS’s three biggest customers.

In other words, Jennifer Luray has moved from working for ONE HLS customer to lobbying for THREE of them-and wonders why animal rights activists still show up outside her home at all hours of the day and night.

Audio coverage of the HLS protest at Jennifer Luray’s home

Jennifer Luray, at 3554 Appleton st NW in DC, has been the recipient of numerous protests at her home. Until recently, she worked for Abbot Labs, one of the largest customers of Huntingdon Life Sciences or HLS. Over 500 animals are killed at HLS every day testing things like bleach and Splenda. Now ms Luray claims not to be working for Abbot anymore-instead, she is now Vice-president of a lobbying group representing THREE HLS customers! On Dec 12, protesters once more showed up outside her home-and one even warned Jennifer Luray’s neighbors to watch their dogs and cats(HLS is known to use “random source” animals including kidnapped companion animals).

So much for that so-called “nonprofit!” Whether you work for an HLS customer directly or run one of ther lobbies, in DC there’s NO SLEEP FOR THE WICKED!

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