Whaling protesters blast Japanese embassy with sound of own LRAD

On Pearl Harbor Day, the 7th of December, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ship Steve Irwin departed from Australian to once again do battle with the illegal Japanese whaling fleet(The Ady Gill leaves Dec 8). Last time around, the poachers on the whaling ships tried to knock down the Sea Shepehrd helicopter with an LRAD sound cannon.

Also on Dec 7, Sea Shepherd supporters showed up at the Japanese Embassy in Washignton, DC-and they brought a powerful amplifier and a recording of that LRAD sound cannon, the one you may have heard on Whale Wars


Audio coverageby WSQT Direct Action Radio

In one case, people entering the embassy suddenly bolted for the door when the amplifier playing the LRAD sound was suddenly switched on.

This protest took place simultaniously with the first day of Sea Shepherd’s Operation Waltzing Matilda, this year’s campaign to defend the whales. It was also coordinated with protests in other cities, such as at the Japanese Consulate in NYC.

The Steve Irwin departed from C-Dock, Victoria Quay in Fremantle, Australia at 10 AM on Monday morning, December 7th. The Ady Gil, Sea Shepherd’s new super-ship with a 9,000 watt accoustic system of offensive use, a ton of kevlar armor for defense, and a 50 knot top speed leaves the next day, Dec 8.

At sea, both ships will hunt down and stop the poaching, whale-killing ships operated by Japan’s “Institute for Cetacean Research” or ICR. The ICR is suspected by many of being controlled by Yakuza gangsters(Japan’s organized crime syndicate).

The ICR, despite all the talk of “research” on their website, traditionally is funded by profites from selling whale meat-profits that have been replaced by losses since Sea Shepherd started holding them far short of each year’s quota of nearly 1,000 whales. With talk in Japan that the governmental body that has been subsidizing them might have it’s own budget reduced to zero, the Nisshin Maru’s whale killing days seem to be numbered.


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