Mayor Fenty birthday fundraiser gets noisy protest

On Saturday, December 5th, DC Mayor Adrian Fenty held a combined birthday party/campaign cash fundraiser at 1821 Hoban Road NW, a developer’s model home off Resevoir Road. Just like last year’s similar campaign cash party, dozens of protesters under the name “Take back DC” turned out in the snow to protest the mayor’s agenda of gentrification, privatization, and displacement.

Audio coverage Courtesy of WSQT Direct Action Radio

The rich and powerful had to run a gauntlet of dozens of protesters in the snow just to enter the event.A security guard falsely told protesters they were “trespassing” by occupying the public sidewalk, but was ignored.

At the beginning of the event, the grass between the public sidewalk and the street was lined with Fenty signs, but soon they were all trampled down as you can see in the photo above, becoming a useful surface to stand on in the snow.

Last year’s birthday party/fundraiser also involved a developer, taking place at developer Donatelli’s home on Dec 6 2008 and drawing a similar number of protesters to that neighborhood, also in the snow.

Here’s the call for the protest as posted by Take Back DC:

This Saturday teachers, cab drivers, concerned utility customers,
injured workers, homeless and mental health advocates, union members and
DC residents will come together to picket the Mayor’s Birthday Party
Fundraiser and demand a halt to the privatization of the public sector,
due process for city workers and transparency in the way the City does
business. “As the holiday season rolls around, thousands of residents
will be unable to provide for their families because of the dire
economic situation,” said Robert Mayfield, President of the American
Federation of Government Employees Local 2978 and a leader of Take Back
DC campaign. “This crisis has been inflated by the policies of the Fenty
administration that are chipping away at our City’s safety net by
de-funding much needed public services, selling off public resources to
private interests, and rolling back wages and labor protections for

One very ugly incident occurred about halfway through the protest, when a DC cop tried and failed to rob a DC Indymedia photographer of a camera. He demanded ID from an organizer, so the photographer shot a photo. He charged in, saying “you are going to delete my photo or I am going to take your camera. The photographer pretended to fumble with the camera as though to comply, then suddenly yelled “this cop is trying to take my camera,” drawing multiple people in to assist. At that point, the cop (Ofc Dumontt) let go and withdrew all the way back to his patrol car.

This is the cop who tried without success to force a photographer to delete his photo(the one posted above)


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