Recruiter painted up, Blackwater lobbyist STORMED

…on the 8th Anniversary of the start of the Afghanistan War.

On the night before, someone hit the 14th and L recruiter(1099 14th st NW in DC) with a whole lot of red paint. The next day,Oct 7, the 8th anniversary of the start of the Afghan War, Funk the War stormed the single common building containing the Xe(Blackwater)lobbying office as well as Clear Channel, Shell, Chevron,and more, at 1401 I st NW.



Funk the War marched past the still-painted recruiter before heading down to K st,then I st to storm the Blackwater lobbyists and Clear Channel.

There were a huge number of cops “guarding” the recruiting station before funk the War even got there, but they were closing the barn door after the horse was long gone.

During the Bush/Iraq years, Funk the War was often marked by paint projectile attacks on military recruiters and corporate offices. This time around, the recruiter was reportedly hit the night before, making pre-emption impossible.

When Funk the War marched past the recruiter and turned South towards K st, the cops thought the intensity had passed. They were wrong-the crowd went to 14th and I sts, where Shell, Chevron, United Technologies,Clear Channel-and Blackwater(now Xe) have lobbyists-all in a single building. The crowd got ahead of the cops and stormed into the lobbyists’ lobby. Inside, the noise was deafening and the action furious as cops desperately scrambled to physically throw out as many people as they could.

Been a bad week for mercenaries-first Dyncorp gets an SUV run over by a tank in Iraq, then Blackwater gets their lobbyists in DC invaded-they can’t even protect their own anymore.

Two more addresses received attention from Funk the War. One was Bechtel at 1015 15th st NW, and the other was Lockheed Martin at 1133 15th st. This was across the street and a little north of the warmongering Washington Post, one of the newspapers responsible for the war.

Although Funk the war was not able to catch the cops with their pants down a second time to storm these two buildings, you can bet their occupants still got the message.


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