Novartis gets 5th office demo of week!

Audio coverage courtesy of WSQT Radio
At 4pm on August 28, animal advocates showed up yet again at Novartis , 701 Penn Av e NW near the Navy Memorial for yet another loud, bullhorn-boosted protest. Presumably this is their lobbying office, from which they contribute millions to poisoning health care reform.

Activists were demanding that drugmaker Novartis permanently stop sending business to Huntingdon Life Sciences(HLS).

For about an hour, protesters were in front of Novartis for the fifth time this week-with NO cops! Hundreds of people passed by on their way home, many asking our of curiosity what the hell was going on with Novartis to attract such a protest.

HLS is a real piece of work. Seven undercover investigations have each found a continuation of animal torture unrelated to study requirements, such as the infamous incident where beagle puppies were punched in the face. The fact that shit like this keeps happening implies a failure of HLS to learn from their mistakes. This, in turn, casts into doubt any ability of their part to understand the principles of science-where you try to learn from the results of an action.

In fact, the sloppy science at HLS is suspected in having a role in the Vioxx deaths. When Merck was testing Vioxx, HLS got the contract, and duly reported that the drug was safe after killing who knows how many puppies. When the drug was given to people, dozens died and hundreds were hospitalized after heart attacks.

Speaking of heart attacks, Bonnie Washington must have nearly had one when protesters showed up at her Chevy Chase home after the first protest of this weeklong series. Protesters on Friday asked how she liked that night.


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